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  • Introduction

    On this page I have * since more than 20 years * the 'Old Calcutta' Internet Photo exhibition.
    Our family carried this set of about 70 photos through the last century, from generation to generation.
    The photos include shots from buildings, Statues etc. in the ancient Calcutta and pictures from some excursions (Chumba, Dalhousie).
    We assume there may be some other people in the world interested in these pictures and will use this place to present them the first time to public.

    The photographer was Mr. Stretton. Does anybody know more about him ?

    We found only spare notes, e.g. at: luminous-lint.com.

    The pictures under this page may not be published elsewhere or commercially used without written permission from us.

    Here we will have some 'Pictures at  Exhibition' changing from time to time. So please be patient and look around.
    Further on we will try to locate the items in a
    city map (thanks for any hints) and if possible enhance the old pictures with those of the current situation.

    If you are interested in further informations regarding the city
    you may look at the following link(s):

    City Infos at CalcuttaWeb

    I recently found a nice foto collection regarding the Chumba area
    you may look at the following link:

    Chamba at TrekEarth

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  • The Cover of the photo box:

    Collection Cover

CATALOG: Pictures by Title

    Each noted with size, last date of exhibition, marked with anchor on 'File' if currently available.
    Links from the 'Title' field may lead to further information about the object on other public sites, where we take no responsibility about the linked content, which may be changed without notice.

    Title File Thumbnail Size exposed
    The Race Stand racestnd.jpg racestnd.jpg 121.126 11/21/99
    Pavillon at the Cricket Ground cricket.jpg cricket.jpg 279.788 05/04/06
    The Cricket Ground cricket2s.jpg cricket2s.jpg 249.877 02/27/12
    Fort William fortwill.jpg fortwill.jpg 317.403 11/12/98
    Pagoda in Eden Gardens pagodas.jpg pagodas.jpg 349.660 08/11/21
    Writers Building writersb.jpg writersb.jpg 334.584 11/04/00
    Bethune School bischools.jpg bischools.jpg 364.536 12/11/14
    Bishop's College college.jpg   150.982  
    Bishop's Palace bishopsp.jpg bishopsp.jpg 324.879 01/23/02
    Meetcalfe Hall meethall.jpg   289.667  
    Nimtollah Free Institution niminst.jpg niminst.jpg 315.133 07/24/07
    Great Eastern Hotel geahotels.jpg geahotels.jpg 331.913 05/19/16
    Oriental Bank oribank.jpg   324.425  
    The Post Office postoff.jpg postoff.jpg 327.803 05/04/03
    Triumph Arch (Outram) triumpha.jpg   350.817  
    Triumphal Arch triumphbs.jpg triumphb.jpg 431.406 10/13/09
    Armenian Ghat armghat.jpg   336.325  
    View of the Town viewtown.jpg viewtown.jpg 236.504 05/11/98
    United Service Club unisclub.jpg   269.894  
    The High Court and Town Hall townhalls.jpg townhalls.jpg 234.817 06/08/11
    The High Court hcourt.jpg   218.960  
    The Small Cause Court smacourt.jpg smacourt.jpg 295.062 11/25/04
    Old Mission Church churchmi.jpg churchmi.jpg 333.295 05/17/01
    Saint Andrew's Church standrews.jpg standrews.jpg 362.399 04/15/19
    Saint James's Church stjames.jpg stjames.jpg 327.573 06/09/98
    Saint John's Church stjohn.jpg   306.491  
    St.Paul's Cathedral stpauls.jpg stpauls.jpg 233.263 09/19/02
    Saint Thomas Church churchtos.jpg churchtos.jpg 370.312 08/15/16
    The Tallygunge Mosque mosqtalls.jpg mosqtalls.jpg 414.079 07/13/17
    Mosque and Dhurrumtollah mosqdhur.jpg mosqdhur.jpg 103.457 12/16/06
    Golden Temple of Amritsar gotemple.jpg gotemple.jpg 298.237 12/31/99
    Tombs and Statues        
    Lady Canning's Tomb 2 ladycan2s.jpg ladycan2s.jpg 117.771 12/02/2012
    Lady Canning's Tomb ladycanns.jpg ladycanns.jpg 142.468 01/27/2020
    Lord Hardings Statue lordhard.jpg tn_lordhard.jpg 115.011 07/26/2008
    Lord Benlick's Statue lordbens.jpg lordbens.jpg 253.237 11/24/2013
    Outram Statue statpark.jpg statpark.jpg 315.347 05/22/2000


    Title File   Size exposed
    The Great Tree tree.jpg   317.833  
    Another View of the City cityviews.jpg cityview.jpg 344.347 10/19/11
    Chowringhee Road North roadchows.jpg cityview.jpg 355.285 03/15/22
    Chowringhee Road South chowroad.jpg chowroad.jpg 286.914 04/26/99
    City East from Museum citylook.jpg citylook.jpg 336.410 02/23/02
    Clive Street clivestr.jpg   334.984  
    View from Maidan to High Court maidans.jpg maidans.jpg 327.428 11/18/15
    The Maidan from Museum maidan2.jpg maidan2.jpg 289.700 03/02/04
    Dalhausie Square squareda.jpg   317.532  
    Russel Street streetru.jpg streetru.jpg 326.215 03/21/07
    Wellesley Place placewels.jpg placewels.jpg 421.363 10/11/18
    Seven Tanks sevtankss.jpg sevtankss.jpg 301.095 07/08/15
    Her Majesty's Yacht Osborne hmyacht.jpg hmyacht.jpg 341.114 04/27/98
    Her Majesty's S.S. Serapis hmserap.jpg   371.831  
    The Jetties jetties.jpg jetties.jpg 277.280 08/21/01
    Eden Gardens and Shipping edenships.jpg edenships.jpg 313.690 09/04/13
    The Lake Eden Gardens lakeedens.jpg lakeedens.jpg 221.990 03/04/09
    The Lake in Eden Gardens lakeed2s.jpg lakeed2s.jpg 219.049 12/13/16
    The River Frontage riverfr.jpg riverfr.jpg 276.903 09/30/99
    The Hooghly from High Court hooghlys.jpg hooghlys.jpg 433.956 02/09/20
    Hooghly Bridge hbridgeo.jpg hbridgeo.jpg 267.545 04/17/05
    Landing Stage and Ferry Boat ferrys.jpg ferrys.jpg 364.310 08/08/19
    The Strand and Shipping shippings.jpg shippings.jpg 347.348 06/24/12
    The Vegetable Market Hall market.jpg market.jpg 355.912 08/02/98
    The New Markets from Museum marketss.jpg marketss.jpg 413.403 04/26/18
    A Group of Thibetans thibetans.jpg thibetans.jpg 340.155 02/08/10
    Lewis PicNic at Barrackpore picnic.jpg picnic.jpg 312.667 08/26/00
    The return from the Bearhunt bearhunts.jpg bearhunt.jpg 385.603 05/16/13
    Bridge over the 'Ravee', Chumba bridge.jpg bridge.jpg 321.239 04/29/08
    Another View of the Bridge bridgec2.jpg   279.951  
    Chumba appears chumbaa.jpg chumbaa.jpg 305.038 17/10/98
    Temples of Chumba temples.jpg temples.jpg 309.299 01/25/03
    Balloon View balloond.jpg balloond.jpg 308.346 05/14/14
    Tera Hill terahills.jpg balloond.jpg 382.074 03/28/21
    The Post Office Mall postdal.jpg postdal.jpg 305.238 01/11/99


Todays Exhibition

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Calcutta City map
Since we have now also the Google-Maps please look at the interactive
Google map of Calcutta.

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